Recipes for Children

Parents are very often concern about their children's diet.  At every stage of a child's life, they are bound to be picky one time or the other. As parents, we have to be one step ahead of them when the time comes.  Our creativity will certainly help in these times.  Here are some of the categories listed with some food groups. 


  1. Yam (Taro) and Sesame Rice

  2. Fried Carrot and Turnip

  3. Ham and Arrowroot

  4. Tofu Sandwich

  5. Tomato Tofu

  6. Braised Chicken and Cabbage

  7. Okra Tempura

  8. Chicken Soy Bean

  9. Simple Omelet

  10. Simple Noodle

  11. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

  12. Cashew and Raisins Rice

  13. Colorful Steam Egg

  14. Tofu with Prawn Filling

  15. Chicken Noodle Soup

  16. Soy sausages with Minty Couscous

  17. Red Spinach and Asparagus Noodles

  18. Simple Steam Dumpling

  19. Stir Fried Honey Peas

  20. Amaranth and Red Lentils

  21. Mushroom and Millet

  22. Fried Rice with Soy Sausages

  23. Beetroot Meatballs

  24. Stir Fried Green Beet

  25. Yam-Taro-Chips


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