Important Vitamins During Pregnancy

Here are the important vitamins during pregnancy that you should consider taking:



A pregnant woman will require more nutrients in order to supply for the growing baby.  One of the things that happens to a woman's body is an increase in total blood content.  As such,  one would recognize the need to increase the supplements related to making blood.  Hemoglobin,  one of the critical contents in the red blood cells blood is predominantly required.  In order to make more blood the pregnant woman has to manufacture more hemoglobin, the essential component of red blood cells.  Hemoglobin contains iron. Iron is also required for cell regeneration and creation.


Doctors will typically recommend iron supplements. This is to avoid the pregnant mother from being anemic.



Folic Acid

Folic Acid is an important element of vitamin B complex which influences red blood cell formation.  Again,  lack of folic acid will also cause a pregnant mother to be anemic.




Calcium is needed to form the baby's bones and teeth. If it is not readily available,  the baby will draw the calcium from mother's body.  If the mother does not have enough supply,  she may suffer from calcium deficiency related illnesses like brittle bones and osteoporosis.  Having leg cramps may be a sign to the pregnant mother that she is lack of calcium



Multi Vitamins

If the pregnant mother is not eating well during the 1st trimester of the pregnancy,  it is also adviceable for her to take some multi vitamins.  Typically, multivitamins customized for a pregnant woman may contain higher vitamins B, C and E, Calcium, Iron and Folic Acids.  There are plenty of variety out in the market today.  Shop for one!



In recent times, there are many research done on DHA intake during pregnancy and correlation to baby's intelligence.  Most research shows a positive relationship.  DHA is short for docosahexaenoic acid, .  DHA is an  omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid.  More often than not,  DHA is not found in most multi-vitamins specially catered for pregnant women

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