Emotional Changes In Pregnancy

Expectant mothers undergo changes to their physical bodies, which include the hormonal aspect. This in turn causes the fluctuations of moods, which can range from confusion, dilemma, anxiety, frustration, to a deep sense of pride, accomplishment and joy. It has been called the best and worst of times. Emotional changes in pregnancy can be categorized into:

1. Nothing much is new phenomenon
This would probably be the most ideal experience, where the expectant mother sails through her full term without the hassle of infections, cravings, or nausea. She also does not have much problems with food, moods, or looks. However, not many mothers will be this fortunate.

2. Touch me not syndrome
The expectant mother seems to have a hostile message for everyone she meets, which is to stay out of her way and mind their won business. She somehow detests conversations and the sheer close proximity of people is too much for her. She is also very tired.

3. Living portrait of joy
It was said that expectant mothers have a special glow about them that brings out the radiance in a woman. Pregnancy can bring out something beautiful in us, especially with a greater care for ourselves, better choice of food, and the joy of having our own child.

4. Help! Iím feeling blue!
Some women experience pre-natal blues. They become confused, anxious, frustrated and depressed. The uncertainties of the pregnancy can throw them off balance. The whole process from discovery to delivery is full of new dynamics at work in our mind, in our emotions, our body and our spirit, which can make us blue.

5. A combination of some
Finally, there are some women that experience a combination of some of the above categories. They are confused, yet excited. They have some nausea and are anxious, but in general they still enjoyed their pregnancy.

For those who are feeling blue or anxious, they should talk to people that can support them emotionally. They should find someone that has gone through child birth and seek their counsel. They should not keep all the negative feelings to themselves, but should confide in someone who really cares for them. Being pregnant is a special period in a womanís life. Therefore, it is important for the expectant mother to make the most of the special attention that has been accorded to them, and enjoy themselves as much as they can. This will definitely make them look great too when they feel so.

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