Baby Development - 5 Month Old Baby

By this time, will most babies roll over?  Yes, Roll from his back to stomach.


Between the ages of five and six months, your baby may do the following:

Turn his head at the sound of a hand bell,  Voice her objections with cries, sit up with some propping, object noisily when something is taken away from her.  Recover a toy when he drops it, reach for paper. Sigh artificially and know she's cute. Play with bath water , tub bath for baby.  Discriminate between a stranger and a familiar person.

Between the ages of six and eight months, your baby may: sit up well without support, bang spoon or pat table in play, pick a cube or block up off the table, or hold a block in each hand. Show his temper, tantrum if things don't suit him. Reach for objects he sees, get a tooth—maybe two—in the middle of his lower jaw.


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