4 Month Old Baby Development


Your 4 month old baby development will probably be:
......laugh out loud

... . hold his head steady when carried

..... hold his toys

. . . splash with his hand when in his bathtub

. . . raise his hands when lifted

. . . reach for objects

. . . make a noise when he hears a voice

. . . turn his head to follow objects removed from his sight

. . . play with his hands. . . .

......lift head and shoulders and roll over.

......lift himself by hands or forearms when lying on stomach.


Doctors differ over when to change the baby from formula to homogenized milk. Your doctor may suggest you do it now, or he may wait until the 5th or 6th months. If he does change the baby to homogenized milk now, several things may happen.

Babies often become constipated, because they're no longer receiving as much carbohydrate or sugar as they did in their formula. The protein in homogenized milk has not been altered by evaporation and forms a much harder curd than that formed by altered protein. This may also contribute to the firmness of the stool.

To minimize this problem, start fruits at the same time homogenized milk is started. If fruits have already been started, increase the amount you're giving. Prunes are especially effective in softening stools.

If starting fruits or increasing the quantity doesn't solve the problem, add dark corn syrup or sweet molasses to the homogenized milk. This usually helps.

Occasionally, a baby develops diarrhea or vomits when he starts taking homogenized milk. Simmering the milk for five minutes breaks down the protein curd and makes the milk more digestible.

If this doesn't correct the condition, your doctor will probably suggest that you return to the formula you've been using. Constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting are usually temporary problems which resolve themselves within a short time.
Many physicians recommend reconstituted evaporated milk or some form of heat-treated milk if there is an allergic reaction to homogenized or whole milk or if there is an allergic family history. The proper proportions are 13 ounce of evaporated milk to 15 ounces of water. This reconstitute the milk to a full strength of twenty calories per ounce.

When you switch to homogenized milk, it's no longer necessary to sterilize as long as you're using a good grade of pasteurized milk from a reputable dairy.

All bottles, nipples, and caps should be washed in clean, hot soapy water before the rest of the family dishes are done, then rinsed thoroughly in hot water, capped, and set aside until they are used. Dishwashers do a satisfactory job, too.

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