2 Year Old's Development


The following will be a pretty accurate picture of your 2 years old's development:


Physically he's:

 . . . about 34 inches in height

. . . . 24 to Al pounds in weight.

If a tall, large-boned child, he'll weigh more —less if short or of slender body build

. . . . the proud possessor of from 16 to 20 teeth. . . . rosy, sturdy, running god playing tirelessly.


Mentally, he:

. . . is happy and cheerful
. . . says many words and may make a few sentences.
......understands much that's said to him, and sees and is interested in everything in the world about him.

And he also:

. . . ..should be feeding himself

. . . . goes to bed cheerfully most of the time. May raise an occasional protest

........plays happily by himself, indoors and out

. . . . may be bowel-trained; may have daytime bladder control, and he, approaches 3, may stay dry all night

. . . . accepts the daily routine of bathing, dressing, brushing hair and teeth.

........knows where objects belong and can help to put them there

.. . . obeys simple directions.


The foundations for all the fundamental habits—those things which a child should perform instinctively, without thought and without conflict—have been laid. Thus his energies released for activities which will foster his native abilities and capacities.

From now on, your child's mind will develop at a pace that will delight you. Don't force him, but give him the materials that will aid its development at the right time.

The following pages will provide with more information on your 2 year old's development:

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