12 Month Old Baby


Between the ages of 12 and 15 months, your baby may:

 . . . .walk alone or with a little help

. . . . lower himself from a standing to sitting position

. . . . repeat his actions if laughed at

. . . . blow bubbles

. . . . hold a cup to drink from

....... say a few words

... . . stop when spoken to.


Between the ages of 15 and 18 months, he may:

. . . ..show a little cooperation in helping you dress him

. . . ..build or of two or more blocks and fit a peg into its proper In a board

. . . ..walk alone

. . . ..use a spoon in a messy sort of way

. . . ..have a five- to ten-word vocabulary.


Your youngster has probably tripled his birth weight during his first year and gained about 9 inches in height. There are large differences in the rates at which children grow, however, and your baby may vary considerably from these averages.

His first birthday should find him with good habits of eating, and playing.


Continue to have your physician give him regular examinations. Plan your visits for at least every three months.


Your child is entering upon a year of great mental and emotional development. In contrast, his physical growth will slow down, and his appetite will slacken, his food preferences may change. He is moving out of the baby stage, and during the next 12 months, he'll learn to walk well by himself, begin to talk, may begin to have control his bowels (although usually not until he's at least 2 yea old), and his bladder control may develop sufficiently so the daytime training will be successful a good part of the time. He may be going through a period of shyness with stranger but this will soon pass.


By this time, your child should be deriving most of his nutritional needs from table foods. And if he derives a great satisfaction from a naptime or bedtime bottle, continue to let him have it, as a single bottle a day doesn't prolong infantile behavior.

Somewhere, around his first birthday, there'll probably be a marked change in his eating habits. Suddenly he's got a smaller appetite. There are two logical reasons for his about-face.

First, he's reached the age where the rapidity of his growth is easing off. During his first year, he gained approximately 16 pounds. This is as much as he will probably gain during the next four years. It's obvious that he'll no longer need as much food or be as hungry as he used to be, because his appetite will parallel his growth rate. Also, he's utilizing his food better, so he no longer requires as many calories per pound.

There will probably be one meal a day when he eats very little. This will go on for some months, and then he'll cat even less, until you feel he's eating what could be considered a normal amount of food at only one meal. As he approaches 18 months, it's not at all unusual for him to go several days without eating what you consider a normal amount of food. When he finally does eat a meal, he acts as though he's been starved to death and even takes two or three helpings.

Its only natural for his appetite to vary, so let him decide how much food he wants. Fussing about it will make him rebel and will lead to feeding problems.

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