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Parenthood begins the minute a couple finds out they are expecting and is an endless process thereafter. The birth of a baby can be an exciting as well as a challenging period of your life. This website will help parents respond to that challenge by explaining in plain language what is involved in the process of pregnancy and birth and the progress from baby to child.


The addition of the titles of father and mother to that of husband and wife is accompanied by a whole series of changes. They are no more just a couple, they’re now parents. They are no longer someone’s children, they’re parents with a new life depending on them. The small but significant addition to the parents is left in their hands and it is up to them to shape it. Family life is propagated in the media with joyful and smiling faces and perceived as smooth sailing. However, it’s not as easy in real life. No matter how confident an individual the parents have always been, they’ll be shocked to find themselves totally clueless when faced with a helpless little baby.

This website will provide you with some positive parenting tips to assist you in raising good children. Positive parenting skills are not easy to master; it requires a lot of humility, persistence, patience and learning from past mistakes. It is important for parents to recognize that they will never be perfect parents, and no one will ever have perfect children. Therefore, parents shouldn’t be too hard on themselves, and should have the courage to admit their mistakes to their children.

Let us embark on life’s most awesome journey – into the world of parenting together!

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